Smoking interview with Paige

Love this wonderfull smoking lady! Check her blog!:
The interview (great thnx to Paige!!!!)
1). When did you start smoking?
A: My first drag was my sixth grade year, I was eleven years old. I loved it from the very first time the filter touched my lips. I saw a documentary on smoking and I just had this visual addiction to smoking. So I just started looking it up online and then I started. One day I was sitting at an elementary school near by, and asked for a drag from a friend of mine, I took the biggest drag. It just filled my lungs and felt right. I just thought the way people held it was cool, I just was completely addicted to the idea of the smoke entering your lungs the way you feel it go down inside you and when you breathe it out you feel it all letting go and you see it, right there, it’s like you’re alive. I prefer Red 100's…
2). What are your favourite cigarette brands?
A: My cigarette of choice would be a Marlboro red 100's that's the brand I prefer. My cowboy killas! :D
3). How much do you smoke?
A: Well, I was smoking up to 3 packs a day. But with the soaring prices of cigarettes in New York I've had to cut down. It’s dreadfully hard to cut back but each drag from the cigarette fills me with this joy.
4). When did you realize you had a smoking fetish?
A: To be honest I can tell you the exact moment. I was in fifth grade watching some show on who's prone to smoking. As I watched them take each drag and it fill their lungs rushing through them, the way the smoke came out dancing in the wind caught me and I knew at that moment I was addicted in every aspect.
5). What turns you on about smoking?
A: When you pick up that cigarette and bring the lighter to it and watch that flame dance before your eyes, and the smoke fills your lungs rushing through you. Exhaling, watching the smoke lift above your head dancing in the air. That is what turns me on with smoking!
6). What are your favourite smoking techniques?
A: I enjoy that old school, classy look while smoking. A deep inhale with a snap and then a little French inhale and slow thick exhale.
7). Does watching other people smoke turn you on?
A: Of course it does, why in the world wouldn’t it.
8). Would you ever quit smoking?
A: I started at age eleven and I am now reaching my eighteenth birthday, within that amount of time I think I've stopped for a week or so. I just enjoy the feeling of it too much to stop. God forbid the prices went up anymore I'd have to get them shipped from outta state lOl. But no I don’t think I will ever quit!

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