Smoking lesson 4: The Exhale

After each inhale, there has to be an exhale, simply because you cannot hold the delicious smoke in your lungs forever.
Basically there are three types of exhales: a mouth exhale, a nose exhale and a combination of mouth and nose exhale simultaneously.
This page is meant as an exhaling "manual" and will show you some nice tricks you may want to try.
Mouth Exhales:
A mouth exhale is the standard, most used, way to remove the smoke from your lungs. But standard doesn´t mean that it should look standard! There are several ways make your mouth exhale a glamorous one, such as the cone and tight streams.
The cone is the most common exhale technique used by most smokers. All you need to do is purse your lips and blow. It is nearly always completed by exhaling all of the smoke out in one exhale. Getting a proper cone shape is the key to make this a good looking visual presentation. To make it look absolutely great, you need some practice. When done properly, you can get a stream of smoke to flow directly from your mouth for about 5 or 6 feet or more.
Tight streams: This method lets you let the exhale last longer, keeping more smoke in your lungs longer. When you're ready to exhale, tighten your lips up and separate them by just a bit. Then exhale. This will make the smoke come out of your lips very finely. It also has an very nice side benefit. It causes extra pressure to the inside of the lungs, making more smoke get absorbed. It also takes a longer time to exhale all the smoke, so you have the added benefit of holding the smoke in your lungs for a longer time.
Nose Exhales:
Exhaling smoke through your nose is one of the best ways to really taste the tobacco in your smoke. Besides, many people (like me) think it is the sexiest way to remove the smoke from your lungs. It looks absolutely great when done right. It´s one of the easiest techniques to learn.
Here is how it is done: close your mouth after inhaling and just exhale naturally out of your nose. You can vary this by letting a little of the smoke out and then re-inhale (either through your mouth or your nose as described in on my Inhale tricks page) and then letting a little or the rest of the smoke out on the second exhale. This can be a most satisfying way to smoke. You'll notice that you keep more smoke inside you for longer, and so much more nicotine is absorbed by your body.
You may have noticed that after a deep inhale the smoke will not appear very thick as it drifts out of your nose. If you want to experience a thicker smoke, try to just inhale the smoke into your lungs and then immediately exhale the smoke out of your nose. This will produce a thicker more flavorful experience, instead of the more bodily satisfaction you get from a deep inhale.
Mouth-Nose Exhales:
It may seem a difficult thing to do, but it is very easy. Think of it as a combination of a mouth and a nose exhale
How is it done: well, there are, of course (you guessed it!), several methods: Exhale through nose and mouth simultaneously Start exhaling through your mouth, switch to a nose exhale, but don´t stop the mouth exhale Start exhaling through your nose, switch to mouth exhale, but don´t stop the nose exhale

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