Smoking lesson 3: The Inhale

The inhale is absolutely the most important aspect of smoking. Many smokers are wasting their times (and money) here. They just puff and that is not smoking. You really need to get the smoke down there and in a larger quantity than a one-second drag will offer. If you're going to smoke, and you want some sort of satisfaction from the experience, then smoke (and inhale)!
It's important to not simply pull the smoke in until it just disappears. What is most important is to send it all the way into your lungs because this is where it mixes best with your body and transfers the maximum amount of joy to you. Do not be afraid to expand your chest and sit up or stand up tall to make the most room you can for the smoke to enter your body. You will really enjoy it. Just as there are many techniques for dragging, there are many different techniques for inhaling. Some have names, others do not. They all offer some degree of benefit and pleasure.
Regular Inhale (Normal Inhale):
There are some variations to this. You can either take a drag and slip your cigarette out keeping your lips closed, then open them up and inhale, or you can drag and open your lips with the cigarette being where it is and inhale. The side benefit of the second method is that you get some additional smoke that is coming out of the filter when you inhale.
Snap Inhale:
This is one of the better inhale techniques. The smoke seems to pop out of your mouth for a second or two and then you inhale quickly. The advantage of this is that if you take long slow drags (or some of them in a row), the smoke cools for a second before being inhaled into your awaiting lungs. To do it is simple. You need to take a good sized drag of at least two seconds and curl your tongue upwards towards the roof of your mouth. As you withdraw your cigarette and motion it away from your mouth, you open your lips just bit and snap your tongue downward as you inhale. This trick needs some practice, but it´s absolutely worth it. It looks absolutely sexy!
French Inhale:
This is a very seductive technique that will make men drool over you. All you need to do is take a good sized drag and open your mouth while removing the cigarette, then very lightly, inhale through your nose. Don't inhale at all through your mouth, because that will destroy the effect completely. If done right, the smoke will casually waft out of your mouth and into your nose. You can follow through with a regular mouth inhale just to make sure you inhale all the smoke. Again, this one needs practice.
It is absolutely true that a thick french inhale will help you feel the effects of the smoke in your sinuses. They are close to your brain and can deliver the sensation even faster than your lungs can. It is a pleasant experience.
Closed Mouth Inhale:
This could be one of the most satisfying types of inhales. It keeps the smoke denser than a mouth inhale so you feel more of the pleasant effects of smoking. This is not a showy technique like many others, it´s a technique for the smoker alone. All you need to do is put your cigarette between your lips and take a nice drag. Then, keeping your lips firmly closed, move the smoke to the back of your throat and inhale sharply through your nose. The smoke will pass your throat and fill your lungs. This technique is done best when followed by a second or third drag done in succession. After the second or third drag the delicious smoke seems to pour out of the filter. But watch out! The smoke starts to get hotter as you go on and the head rush is unbelievable. Don´t do this when you just started smoking, you might get dizzy and sick.
Some inhale clips:

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